The mission of Las Palomas/The Doves Club is to introduce local women to local charities and to inspire their involvement through leadership, volunteerism and giving.

Founded in 2003 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Palomas has grown into a strong group comprised of local women who share a common goal and interest to give back to their local community.  Through our monthly luncheons/events Las Palomas has given nearly $1million dollars back to our local communities.  The first Chapter of the organization in California,

The Doves Club was founded in December of 2011.

Las Palomas/The Doves Club members are comprised of women who are leaders in their communities. We continue to expand our membership base through our monthly luncheons. Be sure to check our to stay informed of our next luncheon!

Founding Doves:

Chris Bentley, Catherine Briggs, Rachel Brodie,

Liza Carter, Charlene Chavez, Shara Christensen, Madelen Closson, Lola Cox, Jennifer Croll,

Vivie Desigaux, Sharon Dauskardt, Joan Evans,

Claire Farwell, Whitney Halladay, Patti Hansen, Leslie Harris, Karla House, Claudia Mann, Julie Micallef, Lori Mongiello, Jeri Ng, Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, Nicki Parisi, Sheridan Payne, Leah Rodemeyer, Kimberly Russell, Judy Stanley, Andrea Thomas, Carol Tinsley, Gina Ventimiglia, Lianne Verheyden, Debbie Walker, Patricia Weinstein

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